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Looking at the evidences given from the today’s scenario, the quality, the safety of energic supply, its generation, the multiple sources of  renewable energy and  above all “energy saving” are topics  that belongs to us, closer and closer,  and which plays and will play a strategic role in present and future everyday’s life.

Powertronix S.r.l. – Italian based company- specialized in the design, production and technical support on Uninterruptible Power Supply and its accessories – focusing on commercial, residential and industrial application,  strong of its 35+ years of experience – propose itself as a leading point for all the above mentioned  strategic sectors.

Since 1986 Powertronix has been able to provide customers with high performance, highly reliable and technologically advanced solutions and products.

The company, whose operational and commercial headquarters is located in Milan’s outskirt, successfully operates on the Italian, European and international markets, offering tailored solutions and guaranteeing , through its own  technical  support, supply continuity and products reliability.

With more than 30 Years of market presence Powertronix has achieved to establish a network of experienced technicians and sales experts able to  provide, in case of needs, prompt on-site support and quick spares delivery.

Through daily contact and dialogue, our customers recognize us passion, competence, effectiveness and promptness in proposing solutions designed on their specific needs.

We are at your side in managing the entire process: from the technical analyzes up to the design of the most effective solution, providing you a clear and fast response, granting fast delivery terms and accuracy on commissioning and all after sales services.

Powertronix’s corporate philosophy is clear and precise!

Produce and delivery UPS  that, in compliance with the  international standards, represent the highest trade between reliability, performances and TCO.

Best regards,

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