“The Uninterruptible Power Supply 100% Made in Italy”

   – Part 1 –

The UPS by its nature can also be seen, in a broad sense, as an energy storage  capable of guaranteeing, through the use of its batteries, continuity in electricity supply  in case of a  sudden mains interruptions and at the same time , re-shape and stabilize the output in order to  protect the loads connected to it.

The “autonomy”  of the UPS,  is the time for which the UPS can operate as a “source of energy” -keeping your equipment on and protected -, is the result of a ratio given by the capacity of the battery / storage (measured in Kw / h) and the energy requirements of the load/s applied to it (measured in Kw). This “period” is generally measured in minutes.

The typical installation of the UPS requires that the UPS is connected to the electricity distribution network( grid)  of the infrastructure and that , the sensitive loads, -to be protected and powered in the event of a blackout-  are connected to its output.

 95% of the ups produced and sold in the world today have this type of use and “functional philosophy”.

Well in advance of current needs, preceding market trends, Powertronix has developed its own strategy aimed at revising the UPS no longer as a passive element and as an accessory to electrical distribution, but on the contrary as an active and key element, with ENERGETIC MANAGEMNT FUNCTIONALITIES.  As MANAGER of the entire distribution  infrastructure or network , allowing it not only to fulfill its “standard” functions of “protection and continuity” but also to be able to interact with the multiple energy sources (renewable or traditional) availables and to select in a “seamless and automated ”, the most reliable, economical and most easily available.

By virtue of the PNRR guidelines (intra EU regulation -” 30% of national’s energy demands must be provided by renewable energy sources by 2030″), the recent, sudden and uncontrollable increase of energy’s price  produced from fossil fuels and the ongoing geopolitical tensions , we believe that POWERTRONIX’s ENERCLEVER product can fully meet the energy needs of many businesses and companies, allowing them to have clean, economical energy and moreover to preserve  and help the environment as well as their Capex.



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